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Photo Gallery

Butterfly Habitat Restoration 2015 Butterfly Habitat Restoration 2015 Before and After We cleaned up two locations this year. The first location was easier to photograph and easier to see in one shot. The scotch broom has bright yellow flowers in the spring, making it relatively easy to spot! Photo credit: Ruth mock 197956775 Dumpster full! We filled an entire dumpster with scotch broom! Photo credit: Ruth mock 197956776 the violet Here's the violet that we're trying to save for the butterfly. This violet was found in an area previously cleared for the butterfly, so we know that the habitat restoration project is working! Photo credit: Ruth Mock 197956777 AAZK members, battling scotch broom AAZK team photo 197956778 AAZK members, battling scotch broom AAZK team photo 197956779 pulling scotch broom Alex and Joel pulling scotch broom with specialized tools at the second restoration area. Photo credit: Christine Damiani 197963349 AAZK fun Kelsey and Ruth Photo credit: Christine Damiani 197963350 Whole group photo Thanks to all of those who made the trek for the day! This was the most complete group photo we could get! Sorry that we missed some folks. Photo credit: Christine Damiani 197963351