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2015 Cupcakes for Conservation

Valentine's Day is right around the corner which means its cupcake season!! Every year we choose 2 conservation projects and develop a fun fondant animal representing the species to top your cupcakes. The cupcakes are hand delivered on Valentines Day to your special someone. They are delivered in decorative boxes containing a photo keepsake of the animal and information on the conservation project supported by your purchase. 100% of proceeds from each cupcake sale go to the conservation project supporting that species. For more information or to order online, visit our webstore.

This year we are supporting pangolins through the IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group and California condors through the Ventana Wildlife Society. Click on their names above for more information.

Two ways to order!

Order online

Click the button below to order through our webstore! Pay with credit card or PayPal.

Order here!

Mail in or drop-off

Print out the order form, fill it out and either drop it off at the zoo or mail it to:


c/o Sequoia Park Zoo

3414 W St

Eureka, Ca 95503

Include cash or check made out to RCAAZK.

Click here for order form!

California Condor

California condors are a rare and distinctive species that play a big part in America's natural heritage and history. In 1982, only 22 individuals remained alive in the wild, but through extensive legislation, conservation and captive breeding programs, their numbers have increased. However, these magnificent birds still face threats that impede their survival and recovery including lead poisoning, ingestion of trash, and habitat loss, among others.

All proceeds from the purchase of the California Concord cupcake benefit the Ventana Wildlife Society, the only non-profit organization releasing and monitoring condors in California. Their goal is to establish a viable population of condors with 150 birds and at least 15 breeding pairs.

For more information visit:


Pangolins, also known as the spiny anteater, are heavily hunted in both Asia and Africa for food, for use in traditional medicines and as fashion accessories. Their populations are crashing as a result of the huge demand for their meat and scales. They are also threatened by habitat destruction and degradation resulting from human activities. Immediately halting illegal trade and broadening conservation efforts is critical to the survival of this remarkable group of mammals.

All proceeds from the purchase of the pangolin cupcake benefit the IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group. They serve as leaders in global pangolin conservation efforts and act as a catalyst for pangolin related research and conservation fundraising.

For more information visit:

Help us spread the word!

Please feel free to print out these flyers and distribute at work, school, neighbors, ect. Thank you for your help!